World Pollution Prevention Day

SHINE Partners | December 2022


December 2, 2022, is World Pollution Prevention Day. You may be wondering what you can do to help prevent pollution on a larger scale. As a business owner, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference. Here are some things you can do to reduce pollution and help make the world a cleaner and safer place for all of us.

  • Evaluate your operations and identify ways to reduce or eliminate waste.
  • Implement green practices such as recycling, composting, and using recycled products.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
  • Educate your employees about the importance of pollution prevention and what they can do to help.
  • Advocate for stricter environmental regulations at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Support organizations working to combat pollution and its effects on our environment.

Use commercial solar as a renewable energy source for your business

Another way your business can help is by using solar power as a renewable energy source. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most renewable energy sources available, and it's becoming more affordable. Switching to solar power can help reduce your carbon footprint and send a powerful message to others about the importance of investing in clean energy solutions.

Since solar can be replenished naturally, it will never run out or be in limited supply. It is also an environmentally friendly option for powering your business. Solar power does not produce greenhouse gases or other emissions that contribute to air pollution. Additionally, solar panels have a relatively small carbon footprint compared to other energy sources such as coal or natural gas.

Commercial solar can also save your business money in the long run. Solar panels have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, and they require very little maintenance. Once your solar panels are installed, you can reduce your reliance on the main power grid. This can significantly reduce your monthly operating expenses.

Solar power can also help improve the resale value of your property. Commercial buildings with solar panels sell at a premium compared to those without solar panels. This is because solar panels are recognized as an upgrade that adds value to a property. If you plan on selling your business in the future, installing solar panels now could help you get a higher sale price for your property.

About SHINE Partners

SHINE Partners has the operational and industry expertise to maximize the value of your solar energy project before a single panel is ever installed. We start the process with a deep analysis of your existing property and its viability for a solar system, but that level of analysis extends throughout the entire planning, development, and installation process. We collaborate with reputable, high-quality partners around the nation to make sure your solar installation process is successful, regardless of size or energy needs.

Let SHINE Partners show you the short-term and long-term savings made possible by a solar panel and bank system. Give us a call at 800-516-4452 or visit us at and let us know you're interested. We're here to help commercial property owners just like you join the solar energy revolution and achieve their independence from unsustainable energy. With more than 30,000 solar panels installed, we have the expertise and excellence to give you the best possible energy solution.

SHINE Partners

We're here to help people just like you join the movement to save money and protect the planet through solar energy. 
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