Community Solar

Community Solar has something for everyone: Save on your energy bill, make money from your rooftop or land or invest in solar projects to make long-term returns.
Community solar projects allow individuals, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities to buy or lease part of an off-site solar generator and earn credits for their electric bill in the process, just as if the panels were on their own roof. It allows multiple energy users to share the benefits of a solar array, typically by owning or leasing a portion of a system, or by purchasing kilowatt-hour blocks of the renewable energy generated by it. The term ‘Community Solar’ refers to locally-built solar facilities shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced. The solar installations create local jobs and help achieve the renewable energy generation goals of local communities.


Contact us if you’re interested in a solar site lease. A solar site lease is exactly what it sounds like; an agreement to lease your property for a solar installation. In a site lease agreement, you turn an unused space – your roof, an open plot of land, a parking lot, etc. – into a revenue stream. The best part? There are no equipment or maintenance obligations or costs to the site owner.


Investing in our community solar arrays gives you an ownership stake in a clean energy project with contracted cash flows for 20 years or more. Tapping into energy savings with community solar has never been this easy. Whether you rent or own, anyone can now participate in a community solar program. Plan to move? We’ll keep you connected to the same project or find you a new one.


We are developing community solar projects nationwide. These installations create local jobs and help achieve the renewable energy goals of local communities. We offer programs for both commercial and residential community solar in Illinois, New York, Maryland, and more. Contact us if you have property you’d like to monetize or are interested in being a community solar energy user.

SHINE Partners

We're here to help people just like you join the movement to save money and protect the planet through solar energy. 
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