Solar Energy

Solar energy systems provide secure, long-term power with attractive returns and act as a hedge against more volatile fossil-fuel energy prices. We support you with design, engineering, and installation expertise.
At SHINE, we make the process of switching to solar effortless: When you schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, we get right to work. Buy, Lease or Loan? You choose: Buy your system outright, or get a lease, PPA, or loan with payments for the duration of your SHINE Solar System Agreement. For leases, PPAs, and loans, we perform a standard credit check prior to finalizing the agreement. Most property owners with favorable credit qualify for one of our programs. Learn more about the process of switching to solar below.


Our solar professional will meet with you to conduct a thorough Solar Self-Check. We’ll estimate your energy needs based on your electricity-consumption history and other factors. Then we’ll conduct an assessment of your roof and answer any questions about installing a solar-energy system.
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We’ll give you a formal proposal that will lay out your solar energy system’s design and provide a full financing plan, including all options, pricing, and agreement terms. This meeting will give you everything you need to make an informed decision.


We’ll install the system and get it running optimally. If you lease a system from us, we’ll monitor it’s performance for the entire life of the agreement, and properly clean and maintain it to ensure efficient operation.
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If you buy a system, we provide options for as much or as little monitoring and maintenance as you want via our customized operations and maintenance plans.

Solar Energy Self-Check

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Your roof must be in good condition, constructed with durable materials (10-year lifetime minimum), and be structurally capable of supporting our solar-energy system.
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There should be little to no roof shading year-round in order to maximize capturing solar energy. The more direct light available, the better.
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Optimal solar conditions include south-facing, some south-west, and some south-east facing roofs. If your roof is flat, we'll design the system for optimal solar energy capturing.
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Are there any city or neighborhood restrictions on solar-energy systems? In some cases we can help you resolve conflicts, but we can’t install our systems in violation of local ordinances.

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We're here to help people just like you join the movement to save money and protect the planet through solar energy. 
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