Why Your Business Should Switch to Solar in 2022

More homeowners than ever are turning to solar panels for the majority of their home energy needs, and for good reason: residential solar panels, most often installed right on a home's roof, provide homeowners with energy independence, reliability, ethical renewability and no shortage of economic benefits.

Although many may not realize it, business owners have just as much to gain from the solar revolution as individual homeowners. Quality solar systems from providers like SHINE Partners can provide commercial properties with even more benefits than their residential counterparts. 

When you choose SHINE Partners as your commercial solar system provider, you can count on us to install the latest in renewable energy technology tailored to meet the needs of your business. We also pride ourselves in our attention given to each customer. There are no cookie-cutter approaches here, and we have the bandwidth and care to provide each client with flexibility, responsiveness, and customized energy solutions.

So, how can a solar energy system benefit your place of business? Let us count the ways.

Financial benefits

Most of the incentive to upgrade your commercial property or small business with solar panels boils down to their effect on your bottom line, but a quality solar system from SHINE Partners can provide longstanding economic benefits too. 

1. Lasting returns on your investment

Solar systems aren't a cheap option in most cases – at least at first. However, a significant benefit of switching to solar energy is its ability to pay for itself in short order. Beyond simply reducing your energy expense, a solar system is also an investment in the property itself. The same phenomenon has been observed in the housing market: buildings with high-quality solar panels can have higher market values than comparable properties on standard utilities. These houses and businesses also tend to sell faster and a battery backup system augmenting the panels only pushes that value higher. Don't think of a solar system as a burdensome expense in the present, but rather as a lucrative investment in your company's future.

2. Month-to-month cost reduction

According to market data gathered by one solar provider in the northeast, a quality system of solar panels and batteries could cut a business's monthly energy expenditures by 89%. Once your commercial solar panels are paid off, you should be left generating the majority of your property's energy usage using nothing but the light shining on its roof every day. Outside of routine maintenance and potential repairs, that can produce a massive credit in your books. Reducing (or even eliminating) your payments to commercial electric providers can enable you to invest those resources elsewhere in your business.

3. More predictable and controllable operating costs.

Many businesses find it challenging to plan for the operating costs associated with traditional electric providers. You never know when you may use more or less energy in a given month, and worse, you never know when your provider may hike up their rates at your expense. When your solar panels generate most or all of your energy, your commercial property is effectively shielded from the energy market's volatility.

Holistic brand benefits

The benefits of a SHINE Partners solar panel system don't end with your commercial finances – solar panels and renewable energy installations generally improve many less measurable aspects of your business and brand image.

1. Create local jobs for skilled technicians and laborers

Installing solar panels on commercial properties is no small undertaking, and with SHINE Partners, an experienced team of technicians and laborers from your local workforce will complete the installation. Staking your claim in the rising demand for commercial solar panels also ensures that the market becomes more competitive, driving up demand for well-paying, skilled jobs in the solar energy industry.

2. Achieve a new ethical peak in your business practices

So far, we've focused on the benefits of solar energy to you and your property, but renewable energy installations genuinely benefit the entire planet. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity you generate with your solar panels reduces the demand for power generated by less sustainable means like burning fossil fuels. This, in turn, means less carbon dioxide gas is emitted into our atmosphere, increasing air quality for all and stemming the tide of global climate change. That's something you can feel good about, and that's on top of the money solar energy will save you over time.

3. Solar energy production improves your brand image

Not to be cynical, merely pragmatic, turning to renewable solar energy isn't just an ethical choice. Green energy and climate change concerns are a hot-button issue worldwide, and you can turn your solar installation into clear, effective market messaging. Employees, customers, investors and more will see your commitment to sustainability and environmental health, improving your overall brand image.

SHINE Partners is ready to bring these benefits – and more – to your commercial property.

SHINE Partners is proud to have built lasting, high-quality commercial solar systems in more than 10 U.S. states and internationally, with our reach growing still. We collaborate with only the most trusted partners and contractors throughout the U.S. to provide low-cost, reliable, high-quality renewable energy systems that fit the needs of your business. Give us a call today at 800.516.4452 or visit https://shine.partners to learn more.

SHINE Partners

We're here to help people just like you join the movement to save money and protect the planet through solar energy. 
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