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SHINE Partners | August 2021


Many companies today are setting sustainability goals to remain competitive in their industry. As topics about climate change and reducing carbon emissions continue to stay top of mind, people nationwide are heading back to the drawing board to determine how they can transition to more eco-friendly methods of doing business. A ‘green industry business’ or ‘energy-efficient business’ uses sustainable materials to make its products or implements renewable energy to power its operations.

Sustainability is defined as the quality of not harming the environment or depleting natural resources, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. For companies to accomplish such a daunting goal, it requires intentionality. Sustainability and energy efficiency have to be incorporated into the company business model and be a priority. In addition, it often requires partnering with multiple departments and employees within the company – because more can be accomplished when we all work together!

One excellent way that companies can achieve their sustainability goals is through the power of the sun! Solar energy systems provide a clean, inexpensive, and renewable power source that gives your business more control over its energy production and costs. In addition, solar energy systems provide secure, long-term power with attractive returns and act as a hedge against more volatile fossil-fuel energy prices. So whether your focus is energy independence, cost savings, resiliency or environmental, SHINE can help you achieve your goals.

Solar Installation. Are you considering solar for the rooftop of your building? SHINE can provide full-service project development and execution solutions. From early project and property analysis through installation and project commissioning, SHINE is there every step of the way. We begin with early-stage development of energy production and payback models, evaluate technologies that best suit a project’s specifications, and assess finance options to determine the right fit for all of the project’s stakeholders. Our experience and ability to execute means our solar projects deliver the most significant value on time.

System Management. Have a solar system that you need assistance with maintaining? We provide a range of asset management services, including proactive maintenance, solar panel cleaning, mounting evaluations, damage inspections, system inspections, electrical inspections, voltage readings, safety evaluations, and production analysis, all while making adjustments to optimize the solar energy system’s performance continually.

Community Solar. Interested in buying or leasing part of an off-site solar generator? Our community solar projects allow businesses to earn credits for their electric bill in the process, just as if the panels were on their own roof. This allows multiple energy users to share the benefits of a solar energy system without investing in installation on their own rooftop. In addition, investing in our community solar arrays gives you an ownership stake in a clean energy project with contracted cash flows for 20 years or more. Tapping into energy savings with community solar has never been this easy. Whether you rent or own, anyone can now participate in a community solar program. 

Lease Your Land. Interested in leasing your land to earn additional income? We work with property owners to install solar equipment on their land that serves as a constant revenue stream. If you’re interested in monetizing your property with a solar energy project, there may never be a better time. We’ll own the solar equipment and electricity it produces. Then, at the end of the lease term, we’ll remove the equipment and restore the property to its original condition.

Contact us today for more information about solar energy systems and what options are available to help you reach your company’s energy efficiency goals!

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