Renewable Resources for a Greener Future

SHINE Partners | July 2021


The world needs access to power all day, every day. Energy is necessary to operate our vehicles, run our businesses, heat our homes, and cook food. What if the energy we were consuming daily produced no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduced air pollution? Currently, U.S. energy consumption is made up of petroleum (35%), natural gas (34%), renewable energy (12%), coal (10%), and nuclear electric power (9%). Renewable energy can be broken down into geothermal, solar, hydroelectric, wind, biomass waste, biofuels, and wood.


What is green power?

It is a subset of renewable energy that represents resources beneficial to the environment and does not produce pollution. This is typically defined as energy produced by solar, wind, and other similar renewable resources. Our world is rapidly transitioning to one that cares about our impact on the environment and is made up of people who want to know that the choices they make matter. Many individuals support brands and companies that have a reduced carbon footprint, zero-emissions profile, and utilize green power. If the U.S. switched to using green, renewable energy sources for most electricity consumption, the positive impact would be tremendous.


What are the benefits of green power?

Reduced costs. Electricity in a fully renewable energy system ultimately costs less than current energy systems and conventional energy. It can also reduce the long-term out-of-pocket costs for energy consumers.

Energy security. Renewable energy provides reliable power and fuel diversification, which enhances security and lowers the risk of fuel spills or the need for imported energy.

Round-the-clock reliability. When solar, wind, and battery storage are combined, they create a hybrid power system that can eliminate output disruptions, especially when a natural disaster, power outage, or grid failure occurs.

Positive environmental impact. Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels is better for people and the earth. Traditional electricity generation is responsible for the emission of a host of chemicals, including excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and more.

Reduced air pollution. A world that relies on renewable energy could significantly reduce air pollution created by burning fossil fuels. This would drastically improve public health by reducing the seven million+ deaths that occur each year due to poor air quality.


Solar power is a particularly beneficial green, renewable resource for companies and businesses to consider. Solar PV systems are a clean, inexpensive, and renewable power source that gives businesses more control over their energy production and costs. Whether a company is focused on energy independence, costs savings, resiliency, or environmental impacts, SHINE Partners can help.

SHINE Partners offers a wide range of renewable energy products, including energy management solutions, solar PV, battery storage, distributed wind, and more. SHINE’s customers can choose between a complete turn-key service package or individual customized and combinable services.


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