SHINE Partners Develops 450 kW Solar Project for City of Pinckneyville, Illinois

SHINE Partners Develops 450 kW Solar Project for City of Pinckneyville, Illinois.
SHINE Partners installed a 449 kW solar array for the City of Pinckneyville in 2017. The solar installation was completed at the Pinckneyville Wastewater Treatment Plant, which uses a substantial amount of energy to clean wastewater for the City. In its first year of operations, the solar array produced approximately 594 MWh of electricity.

The project was unique because it used a financial structure known as a Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA. The PPA structure allowed SHINE to purchase the solar array for the City, which would otherwise not be able to take advantage of the Federal solar income tax benefits. SHINE was able pay for the solar system and utilize the tax benefits, which allowed SHINE to charge the City for the power the system generates at a cheaper rate than the utility can offer.

Under the PPA, Pinckneyville also has the option to buy the solar array after seven years. In the first year of this agreement, Pinckneyville saved approximately $35,000 on electricity costs to run its wastewater treatment plant.

At that rate, the city will save approximately $245,000 on electricity costs over the seven years of the agreement.

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