Village of Marissa, Illinois Chooses Solar Energy Despite Legacy of Coal

Village of Marissa, Illinois Chooses Solar Energy Despite Legacy of Coal.
For much of its history, the main industry in the Village of Marissa was coal, but changes in federal air quality standards in the 1990s led to the closing of many coal mines. After this change, Marissa, like many small towns faced the challenges of job loss and business closures. Fast forward to 2018 when a new young Mayor, Chad Easton charted a path to support the town by using solar energy to lower Marissa’s electricity costs. He was particularly interested in decreasing the wastewater-treatment plant bills that averaged $8,500 a month.

Mayor Easton worked with SHINE Partners and StraightUp Solar to design, build, finance and manage the Village’s solar system. After SHINE installed a 224 kW solar system next to the town's wastewater treatment facility, Marissa’s electricity rate was lowered by 20%. The new solar system will provide both clean energy and jobs for the community.

For more information on the Village of Marissa transition from coal to solar in the BELLVILLE NEWS-DEMOCRAT news article: Coal was king in this Illinois town for generations. A young mayor is betting on solar.

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