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SHINE Partners | September 2021


Zero Emissions Day (also known as ZeDay) is annually observed by people worldwide on September 21st. This awareness day is an important reminder that we all play a part in protecting the health of our planet and fellow inhabitants. Each year, this day encourages people to eliminate harmful greenhouse gas emissions for a full 24 hours. For many, this day can be an important reminder of just much our lives are built around the consumption of fossil fuels, one of the most significant contributors to air emissions. These emissions contribute to climate change, air pollution, smog, and public health concerns.

On the bright side – there are myriads of ways that we can adopt new energy consumption methods, change our electricity usage habits, and more. A great place to start is by joining the movement on September 21st and going a whole day living in an eco-friendly mindset. From there, we can make small changes in our day-to-day lives that have a lasting impact. Here are a few ways that you can participate in Zero Emissions Day:

Minimize how much electricity is used at home. Turn off lights you aren’t using, open the blinds/curtains and let natural light in during the day, and go to bed early to reduce energy consumption in the evening. You can also unplug any electronics, appliances, and devices that aren’t being used.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances. Many different household appliances are available today that are designed to use less electricity, less water, and produce less air pollution. There are a wide range of washers, dryers, refrigerators, home office equipment, and more. When shopping for energy-efficient appliances, consider both the purchase price and operating cost too.

Utilize smart thermostats or turn off your AC/Heat. Smart thermostats learn your routine and can adjust the schedule to balance temperatures in your home while using less energy.

Switch to solar power. Utilizing solar panels to power your home is a great way to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels absorb energy from sunlight that is then converted into usable electricity. This process is incredibly unique because it does not require water, doesn’t need to burn anything, and emits no toxins in the process.

Ride a bike or walk instead of driving your car. If possible, walk or ride your bicycle to get around on Zero Emissions Day. This can eliminate the pollution produced from your car’s engine running. If you have to travel too far to walk or bike, consider carpooling with friends or co-workers or utilizing public transportation. Fewer vehicles running or idling means less emissions being pumped into the air we breathe.

At the end of it all, we have the ability to make small changes to our everyday lives that can improve the health of our planet and population! For more information about Zero Emissions Day, visit To learn more about switching to solar, contact us at SHINE today!

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