SHINE develops a 223kW solar system after the city of Du Quoin Council unanimously approves the project

SHINE develops 223kW solar system after city of DuQuoin Council Unanimously Approves Project.
In 2018, the Du Quoin City Council unanimously approved an ordinance authorizing an agreement between the City and SHINE Partners to provide solar energy for their wastewater treatment plant. The Council had heard of SHINE’s other successful solar projects with nearby wastewater treatment facilities and envisioned electricity savings of its own.

SHINE was able to finance the Du Quoin solar system with a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) using incentives through the solar renewable energy credit (“SREC”) Illinois Adjustable Block Program. The 223 kW solar system consists of Tier 1 REC- 345 W panels, SMA - 62 KW inverters and RBI ground-mount racking. The solar system will provide an annual generation of approximately 310 MWh, 45% of the plant’s energy consumption.

SHINE will provide proactive operations and maintenance of the solar system for 25 years. Through the PPA, the City is projected to save about $355,000 in power costs over the life of the agreement.

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